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Medical Insurance: Less Wait and Worry

With the surgical waiting lists in the national health system growing increasingly longer, medical insurance is proving to be a valuable solution to bridge the gap, saving time for consumers.

More importantly though, is that having the right cover can alleviate the stress and worry that comes along with having an unresolved medical issue.

Lessen Wait With Medical Insurance


Take, for instance, our client’s stressful and worrisome experience it taking the better part of a year to get a lump on his wrist — possibly cancerous — scanned and treated:

I did some work around home one weekend in October 2015, moving wheelbarrow loads of concrete for an hour and half.  Then I later worked with a friend to get the finishing pavement done.

Shortly after this, I experienced aching in my right forearm, and pins and needles in my fingers, along with my wrist aching at night.

I went to my doctor about 4 weeks later, in November (like a typical male), and was diagnosed with possible carpel tunnel syndrome.  I was prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine and asked to come back again if the pain didn’t improve.

It did get better, but I was left with a small lump on the inside of my wrist. I visited the doctor again and was diagnosed with a likely ganglian cyst, but my doctor noted there was a small chance the lump could be cancerous.

I was scheduled into the public system for an x-ray and an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis. Unbelievably, these scans weren’t completed until July 2016, when I was assigned an appointment to meet with the specialist to confirm the diagnosis.

From here I am booked in the system for surgery, which could be 6 months away, so all up it’s taken the better part of a year to investigate, and we still have no idea if the lump is a cancerous growth or not.

If I had medical cover for specialists and tests, this would have been completed much faster; the tests could have been completed within 2-4 weeks and then the surgery within 1-2 months.

To be honest, I’ve had some sleepless nights after learning they couldn’t rule out cancer, and I’m shocked at how long it’s taken to see a specialist, considering that it could be malignant.”


We can help you get personalised cover in place, suited to your individual needs. Don’t wait; it could be your health needs — and your peace of mind — left waiting.

Each individual client and situation requires specific personalised advice to establish the best method to achieve the desired financial protection and risk management goals. Always seek specialist advice from an Authorised Financial Adviser.

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Published on Wednesday, August 10th, 2016, under insurance, Latest News

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