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True Stories & Defining Moments:

Here are two real life stories of how I have been able to help.

Peace of Mind

In 2010 I was able to help a young family with their ideal financial security plan. The man was in his late 30’s and his wife was a few years younger. They had a son from a previous marriage and were planning to be married and have further children, and so it was important to them to provide such a plan.

I arranged this for the family and they are now safe in the knowledge that should the worst happen, the financial security of their family is certain.

As I learned along the way, the son’s birth mother had died in 2003 from breast cancer leaving behind her 32 year old husband, 3 year old son, and 11 year old daughter.

He explained this situation to me as:

“The worst experience, that no family should ever suffer, and from which you never fully recover. However, when I reflect back on what nature forced upon us; we had hard years prior to her passing – money would have helped us to enjoy more of our remaining time together, which is something that can never be replaced. And in the years since – it has been difficult to recover and to provide for the future.

We had NO financial protection and no one had ever talked to us about it – and for the sake of budgeting a few dollars things could have been better. The real cost of not having been prepared for this type of terrible event was – lost time and enjoyment together, ongoing financial stress and lost earnings, in a time of life when we should have been building a stable future.

Now though, I have peace of mind knowing that if tragedy should strike again, my family’s financial security is certain.”

I remember this situation well as the man in the story is me.

This is why I am in this business.

Retire With Dignity

In 2009 I met a middle aged couple who were full of life, and very much enjoying their time together, living for today.

They purchased an investment property, so as to have additional income in retirement. While I helped with the loan, my concern was for their lack of financial protection should a major health issue develop. Their main focus was on some cover for him as the major income earner.

In 2011 she died.

Through having a discussion in 2009 and deciding to at least have sufficient life cover on her, he is now able to have a financially stable future and look forward, in time, to retire with dignity.


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